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Mark Wilkins, is best known to his readers as A Storyteller. He pens the A Storyteller Series of Books for Love Force International Publishing. Unlike most other book series, it does not concentrate on a particular character or a particular story line. Instead, it focuses on books of short stories in various genres by a particular author (Mark Wilkins). Some of the books in the A Storyteller Book Series include serious fiction (A Week’s Worth of Fiction), humorous fiction (Slices of Life) and a mixture of serious and humorous fiction and non-fiction (Classroom Confessions) and supernatural Fiction (Stories of The Supernatural). Recently, Mark discovered a simple yet profound way of changing his life. He has shared it with the world in his new book “Become The Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be!’.

Wilkins writes: The readers who enjoy my books like reading that sparks their imagination. They like stories with memorable and quirky characters on unusual topics. They like unexpected twists and turns in the plot. If any of these things my readers enjoy describe you, then you too will enjoy my writing.

I am comfortable writing in many different genres. I write both humorous and serious fiction. Some of my stories are based on true events, others are totally my invention. It is up to you, the reader, to decide which stores are based on factual events and which are completely my invention because I'm not telling. I like to tell stories and I work very hard at making those stories both compelling and entertaining. I hope you enjoy reading my books.

Slices of Life Slices Series is a collection of humorous short stories about life. Most of them deal with marriage and family members. From smart spouses to intelligent little children to guys trying to impress their friends and in-laws trying to master technology each story is like a little slice of life but together, they make up an irresistible pie. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some slices of lie because, before you know it, you will have finished the whole thing. There are two books in the series.

A Week's Worth of Fiction Series: Each book contains 7 unusual stories of fiction that explores different sides of the genre. Often dystopic and sometimes surreal, if you want stories you will never forget you only need to count to 7. There are four volumes in the series.

Classroom Confessions Series: A collection of stories, perspective and poems about the issues confronting teachers, students and administrators involved in public education. Issues such as peer pressure, classroom management, violence, gangs, corruption, scandal and suicide are woven throughout the tapestry of stories in this collection. There are two books in the series.

Stories of The Supernatural Series: This collection of Short Stories will haunt and entertain you. Whether it’s the classic evil of A Lump of Coal or the whimsy of A Ghost in the House this collection of Short Stories and poems will haunt, thrill and entertain you. There are two books in the series.

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Become The Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be! - Book cover.
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