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All the Colors of Death

Supernatural Horror Inspired by Dead of Winter
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February 17, 2023  |  545 views

All the Colors of Death by Antoinette McCormick. Book coverA weekend getaway at a lakeside camp takes a sinister turn when a group of ghost-hunting friends uncovers a long-buried secret. As past and present collide, they realize that the evil still haunting the lodge might not let them leave alive!

Welcome to Loon Lake Lodge. Try to survive...

Formerly featured on Kindle Vella, this suspenseful tale inspired by the award-winning Dead of Winter is a thrill-a-minute ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

About Antoinette McCormick

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Antoinette McCormick is the author of The Haunting of Sky Hollow, the award-winning Dead of Winter, The Dispossessed, The Butterfly Girl, and the short story collection, Night Shades (Kindle Vella). Her short stories and poems have appeared in many online and print publications, including Mad Scientist Journal, Halfway Down the Stairs, and the Vermont Literary Review. When not enjoying...

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