Antoinette McCormick


Antoinette McCormick is the author of The Haunting of Sky Hollow, the award-winning Dead of Winter, The Dispossessed, The Butterfly Girl, and the short story collection, Night Shades (Kindle Vella). Her short stories and poems have appeared in many online and print publications, including Mad Scientist Journal, Halfway Down the Stairs, and the Vermont Literary Review. When not enjoying thinking of new ways to scare others, she works in the increasingly frightening field of health care.

Books by Antoinette McCormick

The Haunting of Sky Hollow. Book by Antoinette McCormick. Book cover
At first, inheriting Sky Hollow from a famous uncle they never knew seems like a dream come true for Nadia and Aidan Loveland. With friends in tow, they head to the sprawling remote estate with high hopes, despite claims that the music from one of their late uncle's sculptures can open a portal between the worlds of the living and the dead. But not all are happy with their good fortune. From the outset, something at Sky Hollow resents their intrusion. Something dangerous that means to do them harm.
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal
Dead of Winter: A Supernatural Thriller by Antoinette McCormick. Book cover
Can a dead woman's memories unmask her murderer? Ten years ago, someone brutally murdered Amara’s twin sister, Nisha. No one ever found her killer. No one ever found any pertinent evidence at all. The loss devastated her family and drove her father to suicide. Now, through the controversial new technology of memory reconsolidation, Amara hopes to unmask her sister's killer by having Nisha’s last memories implanted in her mind. What she doesn’t know is that Nisha’s killer might be something more than human...
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers