Annihilating Anorexia

Annihilating Anorexia by Michele Mason - book cover.

26 October, 2023

Anorexia is a horrific illness that got me in 1981 at 16 years of age. My story gives anorexia a 'voice' which is quite vicious, and delights in tormenting me. I survived and did not relapse. I talk about how I annihilated anorexia and what I learned, as a way to help others who are struggling with eating disorders, particularly anorexia. 

Author's Notes

'Annihilating Anorexia' is dedicated to all the ones who are struggling with anorexia. May you find something in the pages of my story to help you annihilate it. You deserve a happy, healthy, beautiful life. 

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