Ask Jason: Answers to Relationships Boldest Questions

Ask Jason: Answers to Relationships Boldest Questions. Book cover.

29 December, 2012

Everyone faces a moment of heartbreak, we all have made decisions based on anger, promises based on happiness and we have at some point misled ourselves into a situation we wanted badly. Yet we are here today with the ability to become better and to bring that "better" in union with someone else.

Communication, trust, love and sex are some of the most important elements in a relationship. We have faced an issue in at least one of those elements and not sure where to stand. We are misled by television as to what life should and will offer, we match our relationships with others and often that sets us back.

Ultimately a great relationship begins with you. What you feel about yourself is a clear indicator as to what others will see in you in a union. Everything that made you who you are today does not have to keep you where you are going into tomorrow. Today offers a chance for growth.
Read further and grow.

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