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The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy Prequel
by Ruby Binns-Cagney  GB United Kingdom

November 3, 2013   |    1,966 reads    |   0 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!From the Author of 'Pandora's Box' comes the dark, disturbing prequel to the Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy: 
Athena: Goddess of War. Hellbent on the destruction of all in her path. 
One American female NYPD Detective - Finkel Macaulay. 
Two victims; their smoldering charred remains discarded on the beach on Long Island, New York. 
Three other U.S. States report homicides from 2010 which bore the same injuries, and remained unsolved. 
FBI Agent Nick Benson is assigned to the lead NYPD homicide Detective, Finkel Macaulay, to uncover the suspect's motive for the sacrifices, and to take the fight against crime to a whole new new level of intensity. 
Agent Benson risks everything - including Macaulay's life - for the chance to make things right; as losing her is the only way he can hope to save himself.

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