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Band-Aids and Kindness Kids

by Mae Endy  US United States

September 4, 2013   |    2,463 reads    |   1 comment

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Book Image Did Not Load!Your children's health, wellness and safety are no doubt some of the most important family matters you encounter each day. This book contains information about common childhood health and wellness topics and important safety concerns. It is written at a level in which children can easily understand. 
When you read "Band-Aids and Kindness Kids" with your children, it will promote quality time together, facilitate reading skills and prompt discussions about these various child-related issues. Hopefully, your children may never have to deal with negative situations. Unfortunately they do exist. The questions, along with your discussions that follow at the end of each section, will help your children become better informed. As parents, you will gain a clearer understanding of how your children perceive these health, wellness, and safety topics.


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