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Cozy Cat Sam and His Feline Family

Book by Mae Endy

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July 16, 2013  |  3,160 views  |  3 reviews / comments

Book Image Did Not Load!Cozy cat Sam and mommy cat Mittens now have a litter of three cozy cat kittens. The kittens are in and out of trouble most of the time and they are so full of energy. Sam soon learns that his days of taking cat naps are over and he has his paws full trying to keep them in line. Will cozy cat Sam be able to keep up with his litter of curious kittens? 
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I am a mom, a teacher and an author. I strongly believe that a strong literacy foundation will promote long-term academic success in children, as well as enrich their lives socially. I have written three children's books (two fiction and one non-fiction) and I am currently listing my non-fiction book for adults titled, "The Lavender Basket: A guide to stress reduction." I hope you and your...

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