The Lavender Basket

A guide to stress reduction
Stress comes in many forms: positive stress, negative stress and distress. In small amounts, stress can help keep us on our toes in order to respond to demands and expectations in our daily lives. Examples of positive stress are, being a recipient of a surprise party or planning a vacation for the family. Examples of negative stress would include running late for work, cramming for a test or finding out the washer no longer works. Distress occurs when negative stressors become long term and take over your physical and emotional states. You then find it difficult to handle activities of daily living. Examples of distress are: being in a divorce situation, having a long term illness or financial problems.
Being able to let go of stress is paramount to stress relief. The "Lavender Basket" will explain how you can surrender your concerns and troubles while achieving maximum relaxation, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. This simple stress-relief concept puts you in control of you and your needs. Do you want to truly benefit from your therapeutic massage or yoga sessions? Do you need to focus on that speech you will deliver? Do you want to sleep better? Are you able to unwind after work and enjoy time with your family? Are you feeling as stress-free as possible before taking that exam? Do you want to feel better about yourself, but are feeling sad and unmotivated? Discover the true meaning of relaxation as you reap the holistic benefits of the "Lavender Basket." 

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Lunettes Wilkins

10 years 8 months ago

This book is what I need. I'm looking forward to reading it. I heard lavender works wonders to relieve stress.

Julia Derr

10 years 8 months ago

I like the idea of using something natural to help me relax. I love lavender.

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