Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey - Leader's Guide

by Marilynn Dawson CA Canada
December 21, 2014

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Book Image Did Not Load!“This is not your typical lightly feathered daily moment of uplifting encouragement. Instead, you hold in your hand an outline for boot camp as you travel with me through:

• discoveries,
• revelations,
• lessons regarding what it means to get closer to God’s heart,
• the cleansing fires of God’s love,
• and scratch the surface of what it means to live this out in every day  life where the rubber meets the road.

You and your group are about to become both a fly on the wall to the thoughts of my heart, as well as fellow participants in probably one of the most intense periods of growth I have ever been through!”

This book can be read as an account of the lessons God’s actively teaching me, or it can be engaged in as a personal or group Bible study.

There is quite a bit of Scripture in every chapter, as well as questions to help a person appropriate these lessons into their own life.

One of my goals is to share a story that men as well as women can read and glean from. Too often it seems presentations on the Bride of Christ have been geared toward women when Scripture says the Church, who is referred to as the Bride of Christ, is made up of men and women. I write from a women’s perspective of course, but it’s my desire that men will be able to gather helpful insight, not just women. After all, we are all called to live out the commands of Christ in our everyday life.

Will you join me as we learn to live this journey of Faith as the Bride of Christ in everyday life?

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