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Bindu Chakra – Body Rejuvenation

Techniques For Bindu Chakra Activation, Preservation Youth And Health (Self Healing, Bindu Сhakra Meaning, Location, Opening, Free Bonuses)
by Odin  US United States

November 21, 2019   |    644 reads    |   0 comments

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Bindu Chakra – Body Rejuvenation - Book coverThis workbook is for those who want to find the way how to treat chronic fatigue, how to get rid of nervousness, who has lack of energy and want to solve a health problem and accelerated and premature aging by himself – without medicine and doctors. You will find out what is Bindu yoga, Bindu chakra meaning, that is so-called 8 chakra or Bindu point; its location and how to get rid of chronic fatigue with the help of Bindu chakra, what kind of techniques for activation are there, Bindu chakra opening for body rejuvenation, how to save youthfulness. (SALE) VIP-Version Of The Course "Practices"

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