Cable Ties

Cable Ties. Book by Bill Conrad. Book cover.
Bill Conrad

18 November, 2022

In a post 9/11 world, knowledge is power and secretly leveraged knowledge is the most powerful of all.

When two hunters in the woods of Clearwater, Georgia, stumble onto an underground bunker filled with sophisticated information-gathering equipment, the FBI sets up surveillance to discover who has been stealing sensitive national secrets.

As clues point to double-crossing operatives in cahoots with French and Russian agencies, FBI director Russell Norton has no choice but to assign disgraced agent, Jeff Kelley, and a team of green academy trainees to unravel the most destructive foreign intelligence operation in United States history.

Before long, the CIA, NSA and MI6 are involved, and Kelley and his team, along with officials at the highest levels, must scramble to disable foreign data centers and bring to justice an intricate web of conspirators at home and abroad.—Without sparking World War three and setting intelligence back fifty years.

For readers of Tom Clancy, Alex Bernstein and John le Carré, Cable Ties is a slow-burn political thriller that reflects the realities of modern intelligence, law enforcement, department cooperation, and international politics.

The sequel, Cable Pairs, followed by Cable Ways will be available soon.

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