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Pushed to The Edge of Survival

Book by Bill Conrad

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September 16, 2021  |  617 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Pushed to The Edge of Survival by Bill Conrad. Book coverGabe hopes a relaxing Alaskan cruise will address his lackluster marriage and build bridges between his daughters, but the trip begins poorly and goes downhill fast. After another pointless argument, he leans on the ship's railing, staring at the endless empty Alaskan coastline on a cold, moonless night.

Kim has also been enduring a dreadful cruise experience, and she finds herself gazing upon the same bleak scenery. A recent breakup with her boyfriend and her parents’ refusal to let her help in their family business dominates her thoughts.

These anonymous passengers strike up an unlikely conversation and are surprised to discover they can advise one another. Suddenly, unbelievably, their cruise ship is cut in half with an enormous flash of light and they find themselves thrust into the frigid ocean. The following morning, the pair find themselves cold and alone on a desolate, rocky beach.
Logic-minded Gabe finds it challenging to relate to the far younger, attractive, and confident Kim. Nevertheless, circumstances force them to trust each other, and together, they overcome every adversity nature and unforeseen individuals throw at them. In the process, their tranquility is shattered, permitting passion to flourish.

This dramatic novel is loaded with adventure, romance, telepathic communication, multifaceted relationships, and science fiction. The sequel, Pushed to the Edge of Existence, followed by Pushed to the Edge of Reality, will be available soon.


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Bill Conrad grew up in San Diego, California, and attended college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. In 1993 he received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with an English minor. From an early age, Bill had a passion for writing, but the prospect of creating an entire novel seemed impossible. Unemployment provided the golden opportunity to put his thoughts...

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