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Bill Conrad


Bill Conrad grew up in San Diego, California, and attended college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. In 1993 he received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with an English minor.

From an early age, Bill had a passion for writing, but the prospect of creating an entire novel seemed impossible. Unemployment provided the golden opportunity to put his thoughts into words.

Not content with writing a single book, Bill developed three separate storylines. His first book is a thriller/drama which explores an amazing 500-year-old woman who fixates on a struggling author. His second, a science fiction/drama/romance, follows two cruise ship survivors who take on the world. The third is a classic spy novel set in the backwoods of Georgia.

Bill’s writing style is down-to-earth with realistic dialog. He prefers ordinary people who are thrown into chaotic situations. Bill’s plots push the edge of plausibility while maintaining a classic storytelling charm. He has eight additional books in development with no intention of putting down his keyboard.

Books by Bill Conrad

Cable Ties. Book by Bill Conrad. Book cover
In a post 9/11 world, knowledge is power and secretly leveraged knowledge is the most powerful of all. When two hunters in the woods of Clearwater, Georgia, stumble onto an underground bunker filled with sophisticated information-gathering equipment, the FBI sets up surveillance to discover who has been stealing sensitive national secrets. As clues point to double-crossing operatives in cahoots with French and Russian agencies, FBI director Russell Norton has no choice but to assign disgraced agent, Jeff Kelley, and a team of green academy trainees to unravel the most destructive foreign intelligence operation in United States history.
Fiction > Action & Adventure
Pushed to The Edge of Survival by Bill Conrad. Book cover
Gabe hopes a relaxing Alaskan cruise will address his lackluster marriage and build bridges between his daughters, but the trip begins poorly and goes downhill fast. After another pointless argument, he leans on the ship's railing, staring at the endless empty Alaskan coastline on a cold, moonless night. Kim has also been enduring a dreadful cruise experience, and she finds herself gazing upon the same bleak scenery.
Fiction > Romance
Interviewing Immortality by Bill Conrad. Book cover
James Kimble, a published author, is spending his Saturday afternoon at a book signing. Towards the end of the day, a striking woman walks up to him, stares menacingly into his soul, and announces, “You will do.” Without another word, she walks away. James is stunned by the unexpected encounter, yet has no idea how very much his life is about to change.
Fiction > Fantasy