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The Cave of the Six Arrows

The Chronicles of Randall | Book One
Book by Len Boswell

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October 7, 2021  |  616 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Cave of the Six Arrows by Len Boswell. Book coverFINALIST, 2021 AMERICAN FICTION AWARDS

When 15-year-old Rhynt, a disabled but fierce girl with magic skills, decides to run away from a powerful, demanding monk, the last thing she expects is to be taken under the wing of a legendary warrior.

There’s just one problem. The warrior, Calax Halfhand, is being pursued by assassins. Worse, he's now on a mission to find the man behind the assassins.

What neither realizes as they begin their flight and their quest is that forces are already at work to bring them both to a mysterious gathering that will change their lives forever—or end them on the spot.  

To survive, they must fight through an unforgiving world of assassins, ancient myth, and forgotten gods to a mythical land where their fates await.


Author's Notes

In form, this fantasy is a twist on the classic "quest" plot: the reverse quest. A warrior is sent to find another warrior. Unfortunately, he is killed along the way, but his body is discovered by the man he sought, Calax Halfhand. Calax finds a note on the body: "You will know him by his hand--and his name, Calax Halfhand. You must bring him to me." So the adventure begins, with Calax following clues to the source of the message.

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Len Boswell is the author of nine books, including the award-winning Simon Grave Mysteries and additional works of fiction and nonfiction. He lives in the mountains of West Virginia with his wife, Ruth, and their two dogs, Shadow and Cinder.

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