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A Grave Misunderstanding

by Len Boswell  US United States

July 12, 2018   |    692 reads    |   0 comments

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A Grave Misunderstanding - Book coverA GRAVE MISUNDERSTANDING, the first in a new series of Simon Grave Mysteries, is a comic spoof of cozy “locked room” mysteries.

Detective Simon Grave and his “nearly invisible” partner, Sergeant Barry Blunt, investigate a locked-room mystery with a significant twist: the prime suspects are in the locked room, not the victim, a logic-defying situation that challenges the team at every turn.

As if murder weren’t enough, they must also investigate the simultaneous disappearance of The MacGuffin Trophy from that same locked room, the studio of artist Whitney Waters, famous for her stylized paintings of red herrings.

Who is/are the killer(s)? How did he/she/they get out of the locked room with the trophy, kill the victim, and return unnoticed by others in the room?

These and other questions, including the limits of logic and the meaning of life, are posed and perhaps even answered in this quirky, mystery sci-fi mashup set in the last half of the current century. Yes, there are robots.

Author's Note: 

The book was inspired by a locked room mystery I was watching on television. It was the usual sort. The murder victim was found inside a windowless room that was locked from the inside. I immediately thought, what would the same mystery look like if the situation was reversed, namely that the victim was OUTSIDE the room and all the prime suspects were locked in the room? I hope the result is as hilarious and intriguing as I intended. Let me know.

About The Author

I am the author of five books, including A Grave Misunderstanding, Flicker: A Paranormal Mystery, Skeleton: A Bare Bones Mystery, The Leadership Secrets of Squirrels, and Santa Takes a Tumble. I live in West Virginia with my wife, Ruth, and our two dogs, Shadow and Cinder.

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