Change Your Future, Now!

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Change Your Future, Now! (book) by Germain DecellesSelf-improvement book. Today, we are confronted with more choices about how to live our lives and develop careers than ever before. Repeatedly, we are thrown into situations where we have to reinvent our professional, personnel, and relationship lines, redefining who we are and where we want to go. All the challenges we face right now are pressuring us to look differently, to sharpen and deepen our attention. To change in life, we need to shift our inner process to where we want to operate.

The book trough questions, quotes and reflections provide the necessary elements for the reader to journey to his or her own soul, in order to find out who they are, where their real passion lies, and how they can become more effective, so they can shape their futures. This 642-page personal development book was released by WebTech Publishing.

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In addition to writing, Germain Decelles acts as Change Management Strategist. He has over 30 years of business and consultation experience with local and international markets, including sectors such as: retail trade, distribution, information technology and communications, transportation, manufacturing, financial services, and government organizations. Other publications: Change Your Future...

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