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Quick and Easy Strategies and Tactics to Beat Your Friends
by Alexander Plewis  US United States

June 20, 2015   |    2,012 reads    |   0 comments

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Book image did not loadQuick and Easy Strategies and Tactics to Beat Your Friends (chess, chess tactics, chess openings, chess strategy, winning chess strategies, board games, games)
You are losing, losing and losing in the game. You are beaten again and again by your friend. Now you want to win the game. What’s the name of the game? The answer is Chess. The one and only game that is lessening your reputation among your friends. We have brought you up some key strategies of winning a game. Not to lose again, it is time to win!!!
Have you ever heard “One-move tactics” or “Two-move tactics” that can bring you victory. No, I don’t think so. Here you will find some basic strategy that will help you to win the game, which will help you to change the game,  that will help you to show yourself, your skills among your friends. Here, in this book we have showed some opening tactics that consist “How to open a game”, “What’s name of each material” and much more.Some great experts have shared their experience with us in this book.They have described the tactics how they conduct their play, what do they think, how do they create the threat for the opponents. You will get all the information about how to move each piece as well as how to turn over the game by your side.

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