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A Brad Willis Adventure
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by Tom Boles  GB United Kingdom

June 17, 2022   |    600 views    |   0 reviews

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DARK ENERGY by Tom Boles. A Brad Willis Adventure. Book cover

Brad Willis is an unlikely investigator, and an even less likely spy.

He is a scientist, not a hero, but when it comes to finding technical solutions, there is none better. That’s how MI6 uses him; that’s how he lands himself in trouble.

Members of the scientific community around the world are being systematically murdered, and for no obvious reason. Who is killing them and why?

That is until Willis uncovers a mystery. A discovery has been made but not reported by the largest research facility in the world. Why should that be? Why would someone want it hidden?

His enquiries take him across four nations. He forms liaisons with a Russian General and an oligarch. Can he trust either? If he chooses badly, he is as good as dead. He suspects everyone, so can trust no one…

He will need to risk his life to find out…

Enjoy Langdon, Reacher, Wick, Bourne, Pitt or Bond? Then Brad Willis is for you.


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