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A Brad Willis Adventure
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by Tom Boles  GB United Kingdom

July 7, 2022   |    638 views    |   0 reviews

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Shades of White by Tom Boles. A Brad Willis Adventure. Book coverThe place is treacherous. So are his enemies.
On the coldest continent on earth, something is causing heating systems to fail and planes to fall from the sky.
Brad Willis is sent to Antarctica by Mike Reilly of MI6, his mission, to find its source and disable it. Willis is a great scientist but only a part-time spy.
Will his knowledge and skills be sufficient? His visit was shrouded in secrecy. But someone knows…
The South Pole has several scientific instruments. He plans to use one in a novel way to help with his search. Will it be accurate enough? Will it even work?
He knows he must face danger to succeed. Can he risk flying across the Ice to investigate? A note written in Mandarin gives a clue if he could only understand its cryptic message.
It’s getting colder as winter approaches. If he fails, everyone will freeze to death…
He will need time, and that’s a commodity in limited supply.

Author's Note: 
MI6 calls on Brad Willis to go to Antarctica to investigate powerful and dangerous radio surges. Their strength cannot be rationally explained. They are interfering with experiments and instrumentation. Laboratories have been damaged. People are dying. Electrical supplies are mysteriously failing. Planes are dropping from the sky. Who is doing this? How are they doing this? Murder and sabotage impede his investigations. Brad Willis must stop them before the Antarctic base is locked down for the winter. If he fails, everyone on the base will freeze to death.

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