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Dates and Dorothy

by Richard Lung  GB United Kingdom

March 12, 2016   |    1,636 reads    |   0 comments

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Dates and Dorothy (book) by Richard Lung.One bit of luck I had was to meet Dorothy Cowlin, who is the Dorothy of the book, Dates And Dorothy. I had studied English literature, mainly poetry, at sixth form college, as it would now be called, but her writing and reciting her own verse brought a new kind of poetry, mood poetry, alive to me. She was too self-effacing to take on the formal role of teacher, which had been her profession. But I owe her this extra dimension to my repertoire.

The first half is a literary appreciation of Dorothy Cowlin, the novelist and poet. The second half is the second volume of my collected verse. It includes a section on my friendship with Dorothy.

Because we are of different generations, the whole work comes together as a sort of personal memoir of the twentieth century. The pre-war events are studies of Dorothys early life and literary journey. The post-war reminiscences are mostly supplied by my memories.

The Dates have a double meaning, being year-by-year recollections, largely incidents that stood out from the blur of events, as well as dates in the romantic sense. A further section is on the romance of religion, as GK Chesterton called it.

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