In The Meadow Of Night

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March 12, 2016

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In The Meadow Of Night (book) by Richard LungMankind has reached for the sky from time immemorial, so that modern astronomy is still touched by the ancient even prehistoric. Here, the poetry of nature and folklore is joined by science fiction and fantasy.

This is a continuation of humanitys sense of wonder at existence. The over-whelming grandeur of the heavens ever unfolds itself before us. Our own transitory and insignificant nature is impressed upon us.

Perhaps this is of less concern than that society is so vulnerable in its folly. Human self-harm threatens the very survival of the race and our fellow creatures. It seems that no amount of dystopian science-fiction or satire can shake the pathological blunderings of governments.

Yet the beauty of creation can make makers or poets of our-selves. And if we can not cure the human condition, we can at least laf (or laugh) at its absurdities, not least in one-self.

I could not hope to change things for the better with these verses. However, I did continually try to make these verses better, as good poets generally do.

Most of the poems are more or less short. Not so, the long first two poems, which are revised and up-dated versions of narrative verse, that I put on my web-sites.

The quickest way to get a hint of the range of topics is to look at the verse titles of the 160 poems listed in the table of contents. I hope the kind reader will find this books great variety of thought and imagination, information, fancy and speculation, well worth their precious time.

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