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Days of Miracle and Wonder

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by Dave Tomlinson  AU Australia

February 23, 2019   |    447 reads    |   0 comments

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Days of Miracle and Wonder - Book coverThe thrill of victory, agony of defeat and human drama of competition are the fundamental allure of sport. Its glorious unpredictability is truly captivating and nothing captures our imagination more than a contest which suddenly comes alive after the result appeared to be a foregone conclusion. Whether it's the anguish of a choke or the brilliance of a comeback, Days of Miracle and Wonder captures these moments and tells the unique stories behind 25 of the most incredible sporting victories.

About The Author

My name is Dave Tomlinson. I’m from New Zealand and now living in Brisbane, Australia. My life passions are travel, outdoor adventure, sport and writing. After writing the budget travel guide ‘Travel Unravelled’ I then documented my travel stories in ‘Around the World in 80 Tales’. I blog about my travel and assist other travellers on my Step Ahead Travel website. It’s my dream to eventually travel 100 countries and get to every continent on the planet.

My first sports book ‘Days of Miracle and Wonder’ describes the most incredible sporting victories, often against all odds.... more

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