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Decide Your Future

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November 23, 2019  |  4,986 views  |  3 reviews / comments

Decide Your Future - Book coverA lot of people have made thousands of mistakes. The mistakes have kept them from making success. This book will guide you wisely so that you would not make such mistakes when making decisions.

Have you ever wondered or asked…

•    Why you fail in your career, dreams or aspirations?
•    Why your decisions hurt others more than yourself?
•    Why some people succeed more than you, even when you’ve hustled more than them?
•    Why your decisions put you into trouble, most times, into failure?
•    Why must we make decisions?
•    Why is your household in crisis and how you would manage its affairs?
•    How you would identify and seize the opportunities around you?
•    Why it’s hard to make money and harder to safeguard it?
•    Why God disposes the proposal of man and what His reasons could be?

If you’ve ever wondered about these and have never found answers, this book may be for you. This book has been designed to guide you towards your life’s journey…towards deciding your future wisely and making good use of every opportunity that makes people successful.

Author's Notes

I am happy with my creator for destining me a great writer. I encourage you not to give up on your vision; it can only take time but must surely be fulfilled.

About Godspower Oparaugo

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Godspower Oparaugo (born in 1986) is a Nigerian Self-help writer and social activist. He is the founder of Initiative for African Citizens (IAC), a nongovernmental organization that advocates for youth participation in governance and decision making processes in Africa. His literary works focus on self-development and social reformation. His writing style has been considered easy to...


I have no doubt that your comment on about this book will go a long way in enlightening other readers out there about the insights this book (Decide Your Future) holds. I so much love his writing style. Best regards!

After reading a copy of this book, I found out that Godspower Oparaugo has great abilities in writing. He was able to fix things; errors, mistakes, household problems, business challenges and lots more in his book (Decide Your Future). I am happy to have handled a great book as such, and I am gonna be reading it frequently.

This is a great and awesome Book. I have spent some time reading it over and over again, and I am recommending you to read it. The author made it clear to the reader that his future or destiny lies in his hands via his decisions. It is a clear indication that God has made each of us great. --Ikedi Joseph, Co-founder/Protocol Director, IAC.

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