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Destiny of Liberty

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Destiny of Liberty by Mwanandeke Kindembo. Book coverIn this book, author Mwanandeke Kindembo presented the reader with his manifesto, or a shared reality that exemplifies his ultimate mission. Which is based on finding within himself the motivation, or the correct vision to improve the world around him. He showed us the geography of his passions and how he is ready to step in to lead people to the promised land of liberty. The author delved into his own hidden agendas to find a more realistic worldview based on direct experience, rather than imaginary subjects. He placed more emphasis on land reform, the history of the D.R.Congo, the social and cultural influence, economic and political struggles of Africa. The book is filled with drastic, yet beautiful transformations that will change the course of the lives of many. Change for the better, thereby enabling citizens to live according to their fullest desires and potentials. The author has demonstrated an ideal view that will progress over time to developing his own unique understanding of his process, rather than relying on socially accepted belief systems.

Dedication (in the author's own words): I want to take this precious time to dedicate this book to my continent mama Africa, and especially to my compatriots in the Democratic Republic of Congo and any believer in the destiny of liberty. I am truly one of you. I come to you in the name of peace and love. Oh Africa! My love for you will never cease or end until I see that day that you get your full freedom; with your children. I ask this in the name of democracy and all the attributes that are associated with the redemption and freedom of nations.


Author's Notes

The book, Destiny of Liberty, is a manifesto or a shared reality based on political science. Since there is no decision made on full knowledge of the facts in politics, the author has included a prophecy of a nationalist Simon Kimbangu, who prophesied about the coming of the “Great Divine King”. Therefore, Mwanandeke believes that the time is harvested enough for this promised leader to emerge in the Democratic Republic of Congo, then take his rightful place and lead people to a successful life. He has decided to face this great mission and prove it with great deeds, because he is ready to lead by example. He is a true supporter of humanism, collectivism and egalitarianism including all the greatest attributes which are primarily associated with the socialist system.

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Mwanandeke Kindembo is a Congolese author of self-help books. He's an engineer by profession, passionate about sharing ideas, most of them through writing. His appetite for writing emerged after graduation, when he obtained a BEng (Hons) in Computer Engineering at TU Dublin. Subsequently, he became involved in philosophical, psychological, theological and mystical works. Which are the main...

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