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Resistance To Intolerance

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by Mwanandeke Kindembo  IE Ireland

February 6, 2021   |    1,150 reads    |   0 comments

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Resistance To Intolerance by Mwanandeke Kindembo. Book coverThe author has presented the reader with his most troubling and yet, appealing arguments on the topics of religion and science. As this is a book written on the foundations of self-help, he mainly focuses on the improvement of the mind rather than on the physical aspects of the body. Hence, he reveals to the reader that which we have been misinterpreting in our daily lives. He has cleared many doubts and doctrines that are found within religions as well as in science.

Furthermore, the book unveils his philosophical thoughts to the reader and, thus allows for anyone to understand his thinking in general terms. It is, therefore, filled with critical ideas that will give the reader a new insights on life.

Author's Note: 

As the title proposes — resistance to intolerance — you can already predict that this book is going to be filled with great new ideas, that have the sole purpose of illuminating the mind, rather than merely arousing it. Sometimes, we resist to accept different views or break away from the kinds of nonsense that we hold dear to ourselves. For it is not forbidden of you to have your own opinions nor from considering them to be great above others.

However, it would be deemed sinful of you to refuse to change even though you know that you are completely wrong. Perhaps, you’ve sensed that someone else is right and you have been proven wrong. But keep in mind that it would be an exaggeration to tell or convince another individual that they are COMPLETELY wrong. The truth, or rather, reality is far from any human can ever reach.


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