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Developing Emotional Intelligence

30 Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Develop Their Caring Capabilities
by Israelin Shockness  CA Canada

March 3, 2021   |    1,382 reads    |   0 comments

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Developing Emotional Intelligence by Israelin Shockness. Book coverEmotional Intelligence, the ability to understand and manage emotions, is about getting along with others. Understanding more about emotional intelligence could be the answer to many concerns that young people have. For example, some young people often lament: “No one cares about me”; “People are always picking on me”; “My parents don’t understand me”; “I don’t know why my friends treat me that way”. Some express the sentiments: “I wish I could get along better with my classmates”; “I wish I understood them”; and “I wish they understood me.” Others ask themselves:  “Why do I feel so overwhelmed?” or “Why do I get so angry?”

Developing Emotional Intelligence: 30 Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Develop Their Caring Capabilities discusses important ways teens and young adults can develop the characteristics of emotional intelligence.  These characteristics include self-awareness, empathy, caring and respect for others, and consideration of other people’s feelings. Having emotional intelligence can help deal with thoughts some young people have.  

Developing Emotional Intelligence: 30 Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Develop Their Caring Capabilities also encourages and helps young people to understand how their emotions influence their behaviour, and how their emotions and behaviour influence the emotions and behaviour of others.

Developing Emotional Intelligence: 30 Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Develop Their Caring Capabilities deal with issues such as stress, emotions and stress management; bullying, crime and self-harm; parent/child and step-parenting relationships; and conflict management. This book also shows how empathy, education of the heart, caring for others, and forgiveness are qualities that can help deal with some of the nagging thoughts some young people have, and help them adjust their emotions and behaviour for better relationships.

Author's Note: 

I am an avid reader and will read anything worthwhile and interesting, especially autobiographies. I have been fortunate to have written several book-length autobiographies: for a WWII pilot, a Holocaust survivor, a Christian minister, a soccer referee over his 55 years’ career, and a single mother, who with an unusual childhood history, brought up five successful adults on her own. I am also fortunate to be able to help many other individuals write their own autobiographies and to learn a great deal from their experiences.

My interest in writing the Successful Youth Living Series stems from my working with young people and writing a weekly column for a number of years; but the catalyst for my interest in this age group stems from my own personal experience as a young person. Away from home on a scholarship during these formative years and planning to quit school because of the actions of unthinking adults, who had good intentions, I was fortunate to have found a good mentor. An insightful professor took an interest in me, as a young person who needed some guidance, and through conversations taught me many of the lessons that I hope many young people would gain from these books. I am indebted to her, who was from a different religion, different race, different age, and a whole different worldview, and who was able to help me become an independent critical thinking young adult, ready to take on the world on my terms. My goal is to pay this forward. At the present time, I have 6 volumes in this series at https//


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