Dia a Dia - Brazilian Portuguese - Volume 1

Dia a Dia - Brazilian Portuguese - Volume 1 by Edinaldo E. Santo - Book cover.
Past, Present and Future

26 December, 2013

Brazilian Portuguese grammar book, volume 1 - from beginner to intermediate.
A new concept in learning a foreign language. Easy, fun and fast.
This book was developed according to the modern student's needs, through grammar (made easy)
and with emphasis on conversation. 
Students using DIA A DIA, volume 1 - will learn Brazilian Portuguese to intermediate level in less than 6 months.
This first book works better when used with the guidance of a tutor or a Brazilian friend, who will add that especial touch to help you learning the language faster, according to your needs. 

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Genre: Non Fiction > Languages

ISBN: 9781493639588


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