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Echoes Of A Friend

Letters from Dorothy Cowlin. Comment by Richard Lung
by Richard Lung  GB United Kingdom

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Echoes Of A Friend (book) by Richard LungA gentle and generous soul, with a quiet and sunny disposition, well liked by many, and more radical than most, a deeply serious human being, with an over-worked conscience, who I once told was a monster of honesty.
This was Dorothy, the solace of the friendless, the maker, who made a maker out of me, in her own letters, unshadowed by thoughts of publication.

I collected her correspondence into a bag, serving as a lucky dip of presents from the past. She loved writing, as she loved walking, to refreshing effect!
Nature-love letters of Dorothy Cowlin: That wouldn't be a bad title for the spirit of Dorothys writing to me, together with careful travel arrangements, and her other passions for family and the arts, and holidays.
As editor and commentator, here is my second book about this remarkable woman.

The first book about my friend started with an appreciation of the professional writer, traveler, nature walker, and poet, that begins the title: Dates and Dorothy. It was based on several letters reviewing her novels, possibly as early as 1987, as well as 1988, just before her own letters, recorded here.
My literary assessment was combined with my second book of verse, that includes the story of our friendship.
More information on this novelist is in the Wikipedia entry: Dorothy Cowlin.


Author's Note: 

"Echoes Of A friend: Letters from Dorothy Cowlin..." was written to remind me of Dorothys friendship. Her letters were like hearing echoes of her voice and presence in my mind. She was still there in the distance but no longer in reach.
Usually I check to see if my titles have already been thought of. I didn't this time, only to find out, too late, that a jazz pianist of the 1970s had already called a musical piece, Echoes of a friend.
Still, that wasn't a book title. Anyway, Dorothy was also a pianist, especially of Bach, usually to a local accompanist, with woodwind or strings. I asked her to play for me, but she wouldn't.

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