Empowered Riding

Empowered Riding by Aspen Black - Book cover.
The Guide for Recreational Horseback Riders
Aspen Black

30 December, 2015

Empowered Riding: The Guide for Recreational Horseback Riders helps prospective horse owners avoid the mistake of choosing the wrong horse.  Anyone who has ridden much can tell you that each ride is different, largely dependent on the horse you ride.

Buy the wrong one for your personality and goals and get fear, frustration, and/or injuries in return.  Buy the right horse and have easy, fun rides.  26 years of experience in teaching horseback riding and training and showing horses has led me to pack this book full of useful information on ho to match the right kind of horse to your personality, choose a horse that meets your riding goals, and guide yourself through 12 basic exercises at the walk, jog, and lope to become a solid basic rider, ready to advance to the local show ring or trail. 

Bonus sections on setting up your horse property, a buyer's checklist, and troubleshooting are included!

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