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Fragments of Fear

by Michael Kelso  US United States

September 30, 2016   |    941 reads    |   0 comments

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Fragments of Fear (book) by Michael KelsoThe beginning. This book is the one that got me started writing short stories and flash fiction horror. It's an incredible challenge to write any story in under five hundred words, but to make it interesting and frightening ramps the difficulty up quite a bit. But don't worry, there's plenty of chills and thrills in this collection of tiny tales of terror.

Would you follow a voice into the woods?

If your eternal soul hinged on a single essay question would you go to Heaven or Hell?

What if you were in your house alone and suddenly heard typing?

Should a dead bird frighten you?

All these and more are waiting for you to discover the answer in the pages of this book.

Just make sure you read it with the lights on.

Pleasant dreams.

About The Author

Michael Kelso graduated high school and eschewed college to enter the workforce, eventually becoming a corrections officer. His love for reading, and vivid imagination lead him to write his own stories. To this end, he has read several books about writing, and continues to develop his skills.
He has self published four short stories, three horror anthologies, and a novelette.
He has finished his first novel and is working with a publisher to release it within the next year.
He won the November 2015 and September 2016 site-sponsored Horror writing contests on more

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