Ties (Book 1)

Ties (Book 1) by Michael Kelso - Book cover.

5 June, 2023

There are times in your child's life you'll always remember... The day they were born. Their first steps. The first time they tried to murder you...
What if those closest to you wanted you dead?
Could you ever really trust them?
Take a dark turn down this family tree as a father suspects his daughter of something truly evil. What lengths will he have to go to find the truth?
Follow along on a twisted trail of intrigue where you won’t know what to believe. Mystery, murder, mayhem and even a twist of romance await. 

“Made me want to immediately read part 2.” – Sandy Beebe
“Grabs you with the opening sentences and never lets go.” – Emily Haynes
“Get ready for a mind-blowing thrill ride.” – Emily Haynes

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