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Hack People Relationships

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October 11, 2017  |  1,105 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Hack People Relationships by Michael Hartman. Book coverHow to Manipulate People, Success Recipes How to Understand People Relationships, Improve Social Skills, Body Language Skills

Sometimes, you don't know how to begin communication with colleagues at new work, doesn't it? How to get acquainted with the girl? Maybe it's a big problem to you to make useful acquaintances at parties?

This book is written to help you improve your next conversations.

Very clear and simple ways to increase the communication skills with people are presented in the book. Only useful knowledge which is applicable in everyday life: at work, in communication with neighbors, at acquaintance to the new girl (or the guy). Start to introduce yourself like a real master in 10 seconds.

Read your interlocutor as the open book — body language will surely help you with it. Start with basic things and pass to eye contact techniques. And you will find a way to any person!

How to quickly capture the attention to itself? How to make itself more significant? Use methods which used by politicians for years. Very simple and quick. People will trust you from the first minutes of acquaintance.

See below:

basics of self-introduction
how to make the first impression
body language
make people believe you

About Michael Hartman

RU Russian Federation

Hello, I'm a young tattooed businessman and coach from Russia. Now I'm a junior writer who is trying to share a little bit of my experience using a couple words. Love to get more experience from life. Love to adventure. Love to learn Japanese and Japan as well. When I have more positive and powers — I go to the nearest mountains and enjoy clear nature. It's an incredible feeling!...

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