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Hands of The Father

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by Darrell Case  US United States

October 8, 2016   |    1,238 reads    |   0 comments

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Hands of The Father (book) by Darrell CaseHis name is Globe. He is ten years old, his mother is dead; his father is a serial killer. He is an unwilling accomplice to murder.
Taylor Jackson is a moonshiner, a father and a serial killer. In a jealous rage, he murders his wife in front of their eight-year-old son, Globe, then replaces her with another and another. None of them meet his standards. To Globe they are temporary mothers. He can visit their graves in the pasture, but he dares not love them. His father kills everything Globe loves. Taylor is arrested and escapes. He vows to kill the only witness to his crimes─his son. Globe realizes the only way to stop his father is to kill him. Taylor lures his son into a trap. Will Globe become his father’s next victim or can he put an end his father’s murderous spree?

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