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Never Ending Spring

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by Darrell Case  US United States

November 29, 2012   |    1,440 reads    |   0 comments

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Never Ending Spring (book) by Darrell CaseWhen his daughter and pastor son in law are murdered, Jack Johnson’s fragile peace is shattered. Raised in poverty, Jack builds his farm into one of the most prosperous in Sullivan County, Indiana. Jack is financially secure; nevertheless, his soul is in turmoil. He blames God for the accidental death of his five-year-old son, Ricky. Now with the murder of his daughter his anger burns at the God he believes hates him. Jack becomes more and more restless driving himself to forget about the loss of his children. Yet he cannot forget Kristy’s last words, “Dad I love you. Jim and I will be waiting for you, mom, and Emily on Heaven's shore.” They are like a fish hook in his soul. His four-year old granddaughter Emily is a constant reminder of God’s love. His wife Ruth prays for her husband’s salvation believing God can give him peace. As Ruth and Emily pray for Jack, he becomes more troubled. Frustrated with the slow progress the police are making Jack launches his own investigation. His actions result in the tragic death of an innocent man. However as he continues his quest for the truth the murderer, feeling trapped, sets his sights on Jack and his family. The killer makes an attempt on Jack’s life almost killing Emily. Yet as Jack hunts for the murderer, he is being pursued by another. The Holy Spirit will not let go of the one who is the object of so many prayers. Will God answer Emily and Ruth’s prayers in time to save Jack’s life and soul?

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