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Happy Baby Sleep Solutions

Gentle Ways to Improve Your Child’s Sleep and Be a Positive Parent

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February 17, 2020  |  982 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Happy Baby Sleep Solutions - Book cover

Are you looking for simple, gentle, practical ways to help your baby go to sleep faster? Tired of sleepless nights and constant stress? Then this book is for you!

Sleep— peaceful sleep of at least a five-hour stretch through the night—is a dream for most mothers. Having a new baby can wreak havoc on our sleep schedules, leaving us feeling tired and overwhelmed—but we don’t have to put up with this!
Inside this book, you’ll uncover easy ways to soothe your baby and help them fall asleep with ease. You’ll also be shown simple yet powerful methods and tools that can help you calm your crying baby, gently put your baby to sleep, and establish a flexible enough sleep routine that works for both your baby (from newborns to toddlers) and you.

This detailed guide offers a profound plan for improving your baby’s nighttime routine and staying positive as a parent: whether or not you should let them cry, feeding times, bedtime routines, and their natural sleep cycle. With tips and tricks and a wealth of advice, now you can manage this stressful but exciting time and set your baby up for bedtime success!

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:
•    The Natural Sleep Cycle – When is Your Baby Supposed to Sleep?
•    How Much Sleep Do Babies Really Need?
•    How to Keep “Sleep Logs” and Track Your Baby’s Sleep
•    Should You Let Your Baby Cry?
•    Feeding Times, Bedtime Routines, and More – Setting Yourself Up for Success
•    White Noise, Pacifiers, and Calming a Crying Baby
•    Naps and Night-Time Snacks – Are They a Good Idea?
•    Managing Stress as a Parent
•    ...and Much More!

So if you’re looking for insightful advice and gentle but practical strategies for improving your baby’s sleep and keeping a positive mindset, then this is the book for you!

About Emily Fletcher

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Emily Fletcher is an author and proud mother of three. During her motherhood, she conducted extensive research, read countless books on the topic of babies and sleep, talked to various doctors and parents who were successful at calming their babies and getting them to sleep at night, as well as learned from her own mistakes. Now she wants to share her experiences and proven gentle solutions...

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