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Harm's Way

by Marc Richard  US United States

February 20, 2015   |    1,582 reads    |   0 comments

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Harm's Way - Book Cover Did Not Load!Harm's Way is a quaint little novel about eleven typecast teenagers who decide, after much convincing, to spend a week out of their summer vacation in Ben's cabin in the deep Vermont woods. These woods have a terrible history, and as soon as they arrive at camp and see a dead girl skewered on the newel post, they realize that there is a killer on the loose. Like the idiots that they are, they decide to stay the week anyway, and so, thankfully, one by one they get slaughtered. Accusations fly all week long, but in the end they never figure out who the killer is. That is up to the reader to piece together. Time to put your thinking caps on, kids. And time to take some anti-nausea medication, as the killing becomes more and more graphic. Good luck. Oh yeah, and those of you with sick senses of humor may need to take occasional pee breaks or your pants may get a little wet. Fans of Evil Dead II, Saw, April Fool's Day, and Student Bodies should enjoy this.

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