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It'll End In Tears

by Marc Richard  US United States

February 20, 2015   |    1,751 reads    |   0 comments

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It'll End In Tears - Book Cover Did Not Load!It’ll End In Tears tells the tale of a rather mediocre psychologist with Borderline Personality Disorder. After eight years of trying to keep up with his moods, his wife Elisa has reached her breaking point and they separate. Meanwhile, he has taken on a rather disturbing patient named Bryan. He has a lot of sympathy for poor Bryan, but his care for him is rather confounded by his own emotions- the depression, the rage, and the fact that he just can’t shake the feeling that his wife may be in love with someone else. That someone guessed it. He desperately wants to get Bryan’s life back on track and help heal his mind. He also wouldn’t mind seeing him dead.

Part autobiography, part fiction, it’s a novel that will at times be emotionally difficult to read, and at other times be downright comical. This novel will appeal to a wide range of readers: People with Bordeline Personality, people without Borderline Personality, people who want to understand someone with Borderline Personality, people who may just love saying “Borderline Personality”, people with a twisted sense of humor who don’t take life too seriously, people with tattoos, just plain people, and possibly canaries, but I can’t verify that.


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