Those Eyes

Those Eyes by Marc Richard - Book cover.

19 February, 2015

We are more than just a sack of blood and bones. Us humans are capable of one of the more basic yet complex emotions. We call it "love", and it is governed by forces far greater than you and me. And it usually comes when you stop searching for it. This is one such story of love lost and found and lost and found...

Have you ever felt like you found your Soul Mate?  Ronnie and Helen have.  They are madly, truly, deeply in love. In a bond so strong nothing can break it.  Not even death.  They meet again in another life, and Ronnie, who is now Freddie, is faced with the tough task of raising Katey, who was once Helen.  

This book is a truly inspirational story, but it is, above all else, hilarious.  Readers who enjoy dark humor will fall in love.

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Genre: Fiction > Humor

ISBN: 9781500431457


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