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How to Design a Book Using Adobe InDesign

by Thomas Hill  US United States

June 15, 2015   |    1,217 reads    |   0 comments

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Book image did not loadThis advanced version of How to Design a Book Using Adobe InDesign will cover such topics as working with images, working with colors, and creating special design elements. Additionally, this book provides some tips on formatting based on book publishing best practices. Anyone who follows the tips in this book will be ready to take on just about any book formatting project that could come at them.

If you are an author who has written a bunch of books and is ready to publish them, this guide will get you much farther toward doing it yourself—which, by the way, could save you hundreds of dollars you’d ordinarily have to pay a book designer. If you are merely interested in learning how to design books to increase your career prospects, the contents of this book are sure to enable you to start your own book design business or go work for publishing services company, if you like.

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