How To Feel The Human Aura And Energy

1st Step To Find Your Hidden Emotions And Energy Movement In Aura, Fast Development Of Awareness, Increasing Awareness, Development Of Attention (Free Bonuses)
by Odin US United States
November 17, 2019

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How To Feel The Human Aura And Energy - Book coverHow to feel energy, how to learn to track your emotions in the aura, how to develop the ability to feel your energy field & aura. With this workbook you will be able to develop a very useful ability – awakening of awareness, increasing spiritual awareness, will learn how to highlight your primary structure – your true "I", your AWARENESS, purified from the influence of body of thoughts, emotions and physical body. As well you develop the basic skills of your thoughts management, emotions and behavior at your willing. (SALE) VIP-Version Of The Course "Practices"

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