How To Leash Train Your Dog And Enjoy Walking Him

A Complete Guide

Enjoy Leash Training Your Dog – Pick the Method That Suits You Best

This straight-talking how-to guide for dog owners explains four different ways of leash training a dog, so the training process is easy and the walks enjoyable. Sample training programs are also provided.

It is written for owners of large, medium, small-sized and tiny dogs, who want to teach them the dog-friendly way of walking without pulling on the leash.

You will learn how to:

•    Identify why your dog pulls on the leash or refuses to walk;
•    Choose the right training gear;
•    Consider weather and environmental conditions, his age and health when walking him;
•    Create and vary rewards to enhance the learning process;
•    Communicate clearly through the correct use of cues and markers;
•    Leash train through targeting your hand or target stick;
•    Leash train through guiding your dog with food;
•    Leash train through playing the “hot and cold” game;
•    Leash train by trial and error;
•    Use a release cue to avoid confusing your dog and slowing down the training process.

This book also teaches you to:

Train indoors and then transition to outdoors;
Manage training in the face of distractions;
Avoid the pitfalls of punishment.

Teaching your dog to walk by your side without pulling on the leash can be challenging, if you’re unaware of the many ways to do it. Just reading the sections on the different leash training methods and safety tips when walking him will make reading this book worthwhile!

Author's Notes

Owners of dogs that pull on the leash struggle with various issues: some of them have large dogs that are already established strong pullers; some have small dogs whose pulling is manageable but potentially harmful to the dog; some find the leash training process overwhelming; some can barely control their dog and are afraid to fall or hurt themselves.
Because both dogs and their people have different needs, I made sure to include various training techniques so readers have choices.
Leash training a dog goes well beyond teaching him not to pull on the leash, and so other factors need to be taken into account as well. Training equipment, considering the best time of day to walk your dog, taking into account how long the walks should be depending on his age and health, how to recognize he is getting too tired or dangerously hot are some additional key factors readers will find in this book.
I'm a professional dog behavior consultant and trainer, and a dog "mom", and know pretty well how strongly we can bond with our dogs and how we want to ensure they learn without suffering. For this reason, resorting to punishment and aversive training equipment is highly discouraged!  
A lot of thought, love and dedication were put into this book, because my main goal in writing it was to offer readers a truly complete and comprehensive guide that covers every concern and doubt that may arise. 
It is my sincere wish this mission has been accomplished and that this step-by-step guide will prove to be useful and valuable!

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