Puppy Training

How to housetrain your puppy effectively
by Alexandra Santos PT Portugal
January 28, 2020

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Puppy Training - Book coverHouse soiling can be a huge challenge to deal with, and many owners feel at a total loss as to how to housetrain their puppies. After trying different approaches or making many common mistakes, patience starts running thin and despair often sets in.
I love to offer solutions, and worked very hard to ensure this book is packed with lots of practical ones. My main priority, in writing it, was to make sure it's useful, simplistic and to the point.
The indications in this book will work for puppies, as well as for adult dogs with house soiling problems.  
We often think puppies house soil, simply because they don’t know any better. But, house soiling can be caused by:
physical problems,
it may be a symptom of a behavior problem, such as separation distress, and
it may result from training mistakes.

In this book, I will discuss:
the most common physical causes of inappropriate elimination (or house soiling),
common behavioral causes,
times when your puppy is likely to need to urinate or defecate,
why eliminating is intrinsically reinforcing – in other words, a reward that happens inside the body,
management at home,
the training program itself, indoors with the aid of puppy training pads, and outdoors, and finally,
when and how to stop rewarding.

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Puppy Training - Book cover