How To Return Karmic Debts And Create A Good Future

Karmic Paying Back, Understanding Of Karmic Debt (Free Bonuses)
by Odin US United States
November 17, 2019

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How To Return Karmic Debts And Create A Good Future - Book coverHow to return karmic debts & create for yourself a good future. With this workbook you will restore the energy balance with your "teachers" in life – those who intentionally or unconsciously through negative or positive events, since childhood and until the present time helped you to become better in something, smarter, stronger, more flexible, careful, and so on, who has pushed you to some important conclusions and fateful decisions. As a result, the karmic clues have appeared between you that must be removed. With this the practice you will be able to give all karmic debts to all your "teachers" to clean your past from possible interference that can hinder you now or in the future in some aspects of life. (SALE) VIP-Version Of The Course "Practices"

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