Humanity's Cry for Change

Humanity's Cry for Change by Kate Heartsong. Book cover.
Kate Heartsong

7 August, 2020

What on earth is happening! Why is there more and more global and personal upheavel these days?

If you’re like most people, you want the answer to this question and you want to know how to feel better, how to navigate these uncertain times and also how to help your loved ones.

GREAT NEWS! Humanity’s Cry for Change answers this question and gives you deep insights, strategies and exercises to deal with the hard times we’re in. Humanity is going through an evolutionary leap and so are you! Unless we individually and globally take positive action steps to take care of ourselves, humanity will not survive!

Some of the many benefits you'll receive from reading this book are:

•    Reduced stress and anxiety.
•    Increased calm and happiness.
•    Understanding that we’re all interconnected, and why this will help us survive.
•    Discovering ways to create conscious business practices.
•    Learning how to live authentically and with your life purpose.
•    And more.

It IS possible to make positive change and Humanity’s Cry for Change shows you how!

Come join us in the urgent call to make a positive change in your own life and for humanity. We can create a new earth together!

Author's Notes

I'm grateful for the gift of receiving profound insights and wisdom while meditating, and it's through this process that this book Humanity's Cry for Change, and my first book, Deeply We Are One, came into being.

You will find many beneficial articles on my website to support your realizing your magnificence and brilliance. Remember, you are an amazing person! 

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Genre: Non Fiction > Self help

ISBN: 9780984249237

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