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I Knew the Bride When She used to Rock 'n' Roll

A ghost story, based on true events
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by Ricky Dale  GB United Kingdom

April 24, 2022   |    4,813 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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I Knew the Bride When She used to Rock 'n' Roll by Ricky Dale. A ghost story, based on true events. Book coverPoltergeist meets The Sixth Sense?

Because this 'spooky' novel is based largely upon true happenings, Ricky Dale has no need to run the gamut of pastiche and pulp to parody - which is sometimes true of many novels in this genre.


Ricky's novel is an original work and although very effective as a ghost story, it probably isn't the 'scariest' ghost story ever told.

Be that as it may, it is indeed the most charming and enjoyable emotional clout you are ever likely to undergo... in this life!


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About the Author

Ricky Dale was born in England and raised in West Africa and North America; his mother referred to the family as being of ‘Colonial’ nationality. Ricky’s singing career began in 1959 with one-nighters, college dates, and the occasional radio show. As fame increased, he began to- and fro-ing across the Atlantic, between the UK and Canada, charming capacity audiences in clubs and theatres. An... View Ricky Dale Profile

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