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It’s My Story and It’s Sticking to Me

A memoir
by L.M. Wasylciw  CA Canada

August 15, 2018   |    898 reads    |   0 comments

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It’s My Story and It’s Sticking to Me - Book cover“It’s My Story and It’s Sticking to Me – a memoir” is an revelation of Linda Wasylciw’s girlhood, her single-minded drive to be different and begins with her birth in a tiny farmhouse in Worsley, Alberta. The reader is taken on a nomadic journey of her life as the wife of an oilfield worker, her globetrotting, including her South Pacific sailing adventure, and the memorable trek across the North of England. For the ancestry-minded there is a very small family tree, only a couple of twigs back, with an account of marriages, deaths, careers and paths chosen. The memoir includes a sharing of her views on the world and its affairs. Linda writes about her life-long desire to be an author, explaining how and when that actually came to fruition. This book is a mélange of historical bits and pieces that have shaped her into who she is today, including memorable fragments of the past that have stuck to her along the way.

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