Leadership Beyond the Job

30 Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Develop Effective Leadership Skills

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Leadership Beyond the Job by Israelin Shockness. Develop Effective Leadership Skills. Book coverLEADERSHIP BEYOND THE JOB – 30 Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Develop Effective Leadership Skills is intended as a guide to effective leadership skills that would help young people develop a mindset for success. 

This book is based on the idea that many in our society define leadership in terms that are often akin to bullying, taking advantage of others, being the one that could force others to do what they want.  True leadership is about influencing others to be the best that they can be, helping other people to get the most out of themselves. It is also about people getting the most out of themselves.  This calls for rejecting bullying, taking advantages over others, being bossy and simply being mean to others. 

LEADERSHIP BEYOND THE JOB – 30 Ways for Older Teens and Young Adults to Develop Effective Leadership Skills discusses the attitudes, habits, and behaviours that help young people develop the qualities that identify them as people of integrity, of persistence, people that are admired for their character and their ability to be positive influences on others.  The objective is to help young people reject qualities that undermine effective leadership and to embrace those that promote a mindset of success. This book encourages young people to be intentional about their actions, realizing that they can influence many others positively.


Author's Note

This is the first book in a series of 6 books. More details on the series are available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09GG9SQL3 and at https://www.successfulyouthliving.com/about-series/

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