Leadership in times of Crisis

Leadership in times of Crisis by Sajeev Kumar Menon - book cover.
Conversations with Thought Leaders

3 November, 2020

This book is the result of Conversations.  This book has a foreword by Sunil Prashara, CEO, Project Management Institute.

We are facing unprecedented disruptions and the Covid-19 pandemic can serve as an opportunity, for leaders and their teams to revisit their Crisis Management, Risk Assessment and Change Management plans and gather fresh insights so that we are better prepared for future shocks. Organizations that embrace change and embed it into their culture, will be agile enough to quickly re-invent and emerge stronger from any crisis. I am confident that the conversations and insights will serve as lessons learned for aspiring leaders.

Author's Notes

The world is facing unprecedented disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  I came up with an idea to talk to thought leaders around the world to find out what are their views on Leadership and how leaders respond to a crisis.  This followed video conversations with 23 leaders.  This book is a result of the conversations.  There are numerous personal anecdotes and interesting insights which are an invaluable source of knowledge for aspiring managers and leaders.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Personal Development

ISBN: 9798557122122


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