30 Simple Steps To Increase Your Confidence
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October 13, 2016

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LIVE YOUR MOST FABULOUS LIFE (book) by Amanda AkalonuThis book is for the woman who is tired of living a mundane life and wants to enjoy life everyday. It is for the woman who believes she is valuable and wants to live her life depicting this everyday. In this book, i have compiled easy to read articles, powerful affirmations and change inspiring action steps to help women begin this journey to their most fabulous self. These articles are deeply inspiring and on a chatty note, as though you are engaged in a conversation with your best friend - they are humorous and girly.

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LIVE YOUR MOST FABULOUS LIFE (book) by Amanda Akalonu
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Brian O'HareDear Humanmade,
Since you promoted my books on your website I have noticed a marked increase in sales.  Since I have not recently done any other promotional activity, I have to assume that this renewed interest is directly attributable to Humanmade. I simply want to express my gratitude once more and to thank you for the work you do.
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